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Sermon Series 88 Promise & Prophecy

We start off this Sermon examining the sealing that is spoken about in the book of Revelation and how we are to be obedient to Jesus . Disobedience had this protection removed specifically with the sin of Idolatry in the past our present and future or near future dealing with this 2nd Exodus. We examine these cases in Exodus 32 Ezekiel 8 & 9 and in Revelation 7. We are approaching and are in a time of Prophecy being fulfilled and Jesus is separating those who will inherit the Promise spoken of in the Bible in many places . As we continue to Exodus story in Exodus 12 we see this same scenario play out in Egypt as God instructs the Hebrews to take the blood of a lamb and to apply it to the lintels of their doors so that the destroying Angel the final plague that God sends on Egypt will not kill their first borns but only the firstborn of the Egyptians . We see the Passover meal being observed with the eating of the Lamb and the bitter Herbs and in verse 11 God tells them to have their shoes on their clothes on and their walking stick in their hand and the meal ate fast so that they are ready in all ways. As we look at America as we look at the world wide American culture crumbling Jesus is asking us the same thing. As the Lamb Of God our Passover lamb he is asking us are we ready Jew and Gentile alike for Another Exodus . We examine the parallels of the urgency of the Exodus story and our current time In Exodus 13 & 14 and Isaiah 11 & 33 . Pray seek Read and Ask right along with us.

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