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Sermon Series 95 The Presence Of Jesus

Jesus leads us to take a look at his presence & his will in Exodus 23 & 24 . He leads us to review Exodus 23 , along with the book of Matthew & the Sermon on the mount. These 2 Books in the Old testament and New testament allow us to understand the will of Jesus himself. Looking at the old Law & the New Testament laws of the heart we gain a clearer understanding. When we read in Exodus 23 about not oppressing a stranger we see the same idea expressed in Matthew 5. Jesus talks about not just loving our neighbors but loving our enemies too & treating everyone with kindness, this is the same thing Jesus spoke about in the old testament we just have to open up our minds and hearts to see it. The strangers or other nations were sometimes considered our enemies in the old testament. In Exodus 24 we read that Moses , Joshua , Nadab , Abihu and 70 elders of Israel are instructed by God to journey up mount Sinai. They then meet God and in verse 10 it sais they saw the God of Israel, and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone. Jesus leads us to see the same thing Reflected in Ezekiel chapter 1 with the description of a firmament or surface that is under the throne of Jesus and that his throne is also made of Sapphire. These are signs and characteristics of the presence of Jesus himself. Read pray and seek along with us. Amen.

We watched this video about mount Sinai. towards the end (below)

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