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Sermon Series 99 Gold

Gold is Title of this Sermon as we finish up Exodus 32. Now we look at what Jesus sais to us about Idolatry in the old and new Testament. Jesus leads us back to the 10 commandments in Exodus 20 where he tells to us to have no other Gods before him. Then Jesus leads us right over to Acts 15 where we look at the 4 things the gentiles in the early church are to stay stay from the Apostles inspired by the Holy spirit, instruct the gentiles to 1st stay away things offered to idols. Jesus leads us back to Exodus 25 where he instructed to children of Israel to offer to him gold silver & bronze and the fine linen and fabrics for the contruction of the tabernacle. The furniture the pieces that were gold on the Ark of the Covenant , the Altar of Incense & the breastplate of Judgment. All of these things God instructed Moses as he was on the mountain. At the same time the childtrn of israel convinced Aaron to use their golden earings which were a blessing from jesus to prosper them. So What are we going to do with our Gold of the Kingdom ?

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