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Sermon Series 89 Going Forward & Passover

Jesus Continues to lead us through the Exodus story the 1st scriptures we look at in the sermon is Psalm 109 , 97 & 110 . We look at these and we see the Jesus shows David the end times his 2nd coming and what it would be like. We look at the Identification of the right hand meaning power and Jesus's 2nd coming parallels so much with the exodus story looking at the future 2nd exodus. Jesus leads us to look at Isaiah 35 to look at another example of this Exodus and return of the children of Israel to their homeland for good never to be uprooted again. We then go back into the Exodus story in Exodus 12 & 13 where we see God preparing the Israelites to leave Egypt. As he instructs them on how to observe the passover he tells them to be ready and in the same sense Jesus is now speaking to us to be ready to be in him to have our oil ready and to not turn back . Jesus has opened doors of wars pestilences plagues and the downfall of life as we know it to introduce to us a new life that is in him just as he describes in the Bible . But we have to ask ourselves are we ready ? Amen

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