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Sermon Series Prt 35 Wisdom Of God The Wisdom Of The Kingdom

In The Sermon we explore the wisdom of God .We start off looking at the inspired words of god by Solomon. In Proverbs 1 he describes wisdom is to perceive the words of Instruction then stating I will make my words known to you I will pour out my spirit unto you. We look at a few verses about the commandments and heading to those commandments and how not following them can take away from wisdom . We look at the examples of Jesus teaching the Apostles who he is and that what they know no one else has witnessed or heard saying to them in Luke 9:43-44 let my words sink down into your ears teaching them true godly wisdom .He further teaches the disciples the true meaning of the scriptures after being resurrected . Peter seeks and pushes and is given a gift that is explored in the Book of Acts The Apostles & Disciples shared in fellowship teaching others and encouraging others to seek after this same wisdom. Listen along and explore this subject with us (feel free to comment or leave a message) . Blessings

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